Assignment Sample with embedded practice grid

Assignment Sheets – More Samples (Amy Glennon, Angela Triandafillou)

As I look through our archives, I notice that almost every day, a post about assignment sheets is viewed:

The Nuts and Bolts of Piano Assignments

This post outlines the philosophy behind preparing assignment sheets and provides several examples. In addition to these useful templates, I have begun to try out a new, colorful template, which can be adapted as needed. I thought that the templates shown below might possibly be of use to our readers. To download the documents, click on the links shown below:

New Assignment Template

New Assignment Template with practice chart below

For a simpler, cleaner look:


I asked Angela Triandafillou to share some of her assignments.  Her weekly group assignment has a clean and attractive look:

ThWeeklyClass Sample Assignment (2)

Angela is planning an upcoming blog about the creative way she has been using assignment sheets to guide practice in a more detailed way. Below you’ll find a sample assignment, which will be discussed in Angela’s future post:

Sapna Assignment Week 28


Happy lesson planning!

The Success Factor Cover

BOOK REVIEW: The Success Factor in Piano Teaching: Making Practice Perfect – Pearce

I’ve been lucky enough to know Elvina Pearce for years. On several occasions, she visited the New School for Music Study for a few days as the pedagogue-in Residence. She observed our teaching, provided insightful feedback, taught our repertoire classes, and presented interactive workshops. Above all, she gave us a tremendous gift. The knowledge imparted was uniquely tangible. I felt like I could hold it in my hands, and to this day, this knowledge feels just as immediate.


Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Success Factor in Piano Teaching: Making Practice Perfect – Pearce” Launches Book Club

How to talk...Looking for some ideas to refresh and improve your teaching for the upcoming school year? Join the book club! Read along with us, and share your thoughts or questions in the comments section of our posts for each chapter.

Our first book will be, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish (purchase through this link to help support the Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy). This book provides practical advice and exercises for improving communication, which we know is vital to effective teaching. Angela Triandafillou Jones will post and lead our discussion. We hope this book club will help us learn from each other and grow as a community.

Please feel free to share with your friends and colleagues, and happy reading!



Posts will be added on the following Mondays. Read along with us and comment as you go.  Let us know how the ideas presented by the authors influence your teaching.


Chapter 1 – Helping Children Deal with Their Feelings (through p. 47)

Chapter 2 – Engaging Cooperation (through p. 89)

Chapter 3 – Alternatives to Punishment (through p. 138)

Chapter 4 – Encouraging Autonomy (through p. 174)

Chapter 5 – Praise (through p. 205)

Chapter 6 – Freeing Children from Playing Roles (through p. 231)

Chapter 7 – Putting It All Together – Their Native Tongue (through p. 285)

30th Anniversary – The Next Generation (through p. 332)