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Teaching Aid: 2nds Within the Hand Worksheet and Sight-Playing

The following worksheet is designed to prepare students for playing seconds within the hand on a partial staff. The worksheet is followed by the same examples, now used for sight-playing.


The layout quality is not 100% polished, however, I believe the content may be useful for students:



WS TTB 2nds within the hand and sightplaying

Sam Holland

Creativity in Piano Lessons – Sam Holland (Quote of the Week)

“If language were taught in school the way most of us teach music, it would be crazy. It would be like saying, ‘We’re going to teach you a language, but all we’re going to do is let you read and reproduce other people’s ideas until you get them right. You can’t say anything to express your own ideas and feelings.’ “

– Sam Holland


Holland, Sam. “Questions and Answers.” Clavier Companion September/October 2014: 80. Print.