Not the End, Just the Beginning

We are at the close of another busy, but productive school year, and our faculty members are already looking forward to next year. At The New School for Music Study, lesson planning is ongoing, and school events that are scheduled year round are arranged well ahead of time.Even though I am still teaching and completing reports, I want to post this last blog before summer vacation begins.If you recall, I said that I would finish this timeline by giving a recap of what has transpired over the past eighteen years. Here are the highlights.

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Timeline Revisited

To recap, I am returning to my timeline that highlights the accomplishments of Frances Clark and Louise Goss. In addition to what I have already shared, I am adding some new information, including a list of the many awards Miss Clark received over the course of her career. The following was obtained from several primary sources. For my research, I often cited Robert Fred Kern’s dissertation, “Frances Clark: The Teacher and Her Contributions to Piano Pedagogy,” (University of Northern Colorado).


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A Comprehensive Curriculum


As I have often said, when it comes to planning a well-rounded piano pedagogy curriculum, no one could do it better than Frances Clark and Louise Goss. Both the certificate course offered at The New School for Music Study and the Master’s degree program that was organized as a joint program with Westminster Choir College were designed to prepare graduate students for the diverse demands of the teaching profession. Today, I am giving an overview of other requirements for the Master’s degree. This will conclude my blogs on the two programs.

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