Focus on the Pedagogy Teacher: Observation Guide No. 1 is beginning a new series designed to provide resources for college faculty who teach piano pedagogy, and for the piano teacher looking for a guidelines for self-evaluation. Each month, we will hear from pedagogy teachers such as Craig Sale, Sara Ernst, and Barbara Fast.


We will learn about the many different approach to observing and quanitfying the success of a piano lesson. Some observers opt not to use any particular form, but write observation notes based on what they observe. Others use observation forms  as a starting point.


As a pedagogy student in the New School for Music Study’s Certificate Program in the late 80’s, I remember that there were four forms used in rotation for evaluating teaching. At this time, I worked alongside graduate students at Westminster Choir College. Fortunately, my colleague, Tracy Grandy, has copies of the four forms used during this time. I have retyped these forms, for ease of reading. Each week in the month of September, I will post one of the forms. 


Observation Guide #1: You’ll notice an emphasis on the practical elements of piano teaching. (Some “old” observations are still housed at the New School; I can disclose that the “Additional Comments” were copious.)

Observation Guide 1


Stay tuned for Observation Guide 2, to be posted next week.

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