Focus on the Piano Pedagogy Instructor: Observation Guide 3 (Musicianship, Technique and Practice Habits)

On musicianship, technique and practice habits: “It is important to keep these three areas in balance.  If these areas of what we teach are not developed hand-in-hand, this leads to frustration.” — Frances Clark

As a pedagogy student in the New School for Music Study’s Certificate Program in the late 80’s, I remember that there were four forms used in rotation for evaluating teaching. At this time I worked alongside graduate students at Westminster Choir College. Fortunately, my colleague, Tracy Grandy, has copies of the four forms used during this time. I have retyped these forms, for ease of reading.  


One can see from Observation Guide 3 (printable) that teachers fill out the forms and submit these to the observer the day prior to the scheduled observation. “Please list your primary goal for this student in each of the areas listed below. Return this form to the observer the day before the scheduled observation.” The three areas listed on the form are: musicianship, technique and practice habits.


Frances spoke often about the importance of keeping these three areas in balance. For further exploration of this topic, click on this link:  Musicianship, Practice Habits and Technique by Mary Bloom.  To access the first two printable observation forms, click on these links: Observation Guide 1 and Observation Guide 2.


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