Focus on the Piano Pedagogy Instructor: Observation Guide 4

Frances Clark and Louise Goss developed a series of observation forms in the 1980’s, and these forms are as relevant today as they were then. This final observation form is a variant of observation form #1.

Questions asked, mostly “YES/NO”

  1. Did the lesson begin and end on time?
  2. Number of pieces played:                                    Number of pieces played without stopping:
  3. Did the teacher establish a framework in the introduction of a new piece?
  4. Were rhythm steps done musically and with freedom of movement?
  5. Were count-offs rhythmic and 2 mm. in length?
  6. Did students mark the score and assignment sheet?
  7. Did teacher go over entire assignment at the end?
  8. Did student leave lesson enthusiastic?
  9. Is the assignment sheet organized and understandable?
  10. Did the student have a truly musical experience during the lesson?
  11. Were photocopies used in any way during the lesson?


PRINTABLE: Observation-Guide-4.docx,


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