Before I write another blog about the pedagogy programs that were offered at The New School, I want to say a few words about the unexpected loss of our co-founder, Louise Goss.  Like everyone else, I was unprepared for her sudden passing on April 1st.  It is difficult to think of her not being here.  Although Miss Goss retired several years ago, she remained active.  Most often, she was the first to arrive at recitals and other school functions.  As a mentor, she was there to give unconditional support and encouragement.


Those who are fortunate to have known Louise Goss will certainly miss her.  When I need sage advice, I still ask myself, “What would Louise suggest?”  Miss Goss was an experienced teacher who had the answers to all questions.  Once you received her feedback from observations of private lessons and classes, you realized you could rely on her guidance since she always had the right solution to every problem.


Not only was Louise Goss knowledgeable, but she was also charismatic.  If compared to a celebrity, I believe both Frances Clark and Louise Goss shared the same personality traits as Katharine Hepburn.  Miss Clark and Miss Goss were strong, independent, and fearless.  These qualities made them leaders rather than followers, and because of their leadership, we now recognize that teaching is an art.  In addition, they reminded us that we should take pride in our work and, as long as we do our best, that is more than enough.


The teaching profession is indebted to Frances Clark and Louise Goss for many reasons.  Most importantly, they inspired a true passion for teaching.  Thank you, Frances and Louise. We will continue to follow your example and remember what you taught.


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  1. Tracy, your words are true and beautiful. I find myself asking the same question, “What would Louise suggest?” Her voice remains the standard of excellence in my mind.

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