New Year’s Resolutions

From a previous post: “We teachers gear up for September as if it were a new beginning.”  Since September begins a new teaching year, it makes sense to make “New Year’s Resolutions.”

The New School for Music Study faculty discussed their resolutions during our orientation last week.  This week we will post entries describing some of these resolutions.

To begin, we thought you might enjoy seeing some of the discussion that took place during our orientation:  (Three short videos below, then a list of faculty resolutions)

Our “New Year’s” Resolutions

August 27, 2013


  1. Use tools to reinforce theory and technique skills.
  2. Intermediate students: help students connect with repertoire.  Find the right material at the right time and teach in such a way that they get it right the first time.
  3. Help students stay organized.
  4. Make sure each student has a reading piece, a piece at level, and a challenge piece on each assignment.
  5. Develop a “core” list of repertoire for students.
  6. Make sure EVERY student knows how to set themselves up at the bench.
  7. Make sure every teacher performance for a student is the best it can be.
  8. Work to match the repertoire with the student.
  9. Planning, planning planning: More careful individual lesson planning.
  10. Establish a NSMS “canon” of piano literature.
  11. More duet playing with students in lessons.
  12. Having students (and myself) develop a “practice journal.”
  13. Work to diversify my approach and adjust to other student’s needs.
  14. Be more student-centered.
  15. Take time at the end of the lesson to summarize everything.
  16. Develop a plan for building technique.
  17. Set goals for yourself.
  18. Use more imagery.
  19. Develop a core “canon” for the school.




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