Preparation for Assessments: Technical Requirements

‘Tis the season for assessments for many teachers and students.  Syllabi vary from program to program, but often students are required to prepare a variety of skills in a variety of keys. Teachers are required to help students to “keep on top of it all” while attempting to maintain a sense of pleasure in the process.

I suppose the best way to prepare for an assessment is to play every skill, every key, every day.  For some students, this is not entirely realistic.  I have relied heavily on practice charts, most notably, Joy Morin’s Color in My Piano Music Development Program Charts (Charts – Joy Morin) for student use.  Recently, though, I thought it might be fun to introduce the element of chance into the mix.  Students were given two sets of cards, one with key signature listed and the other with skills listed.   They drew one card from each set and performed the skill in their home practice.  Students enjoyed randomly choosing cards, and this kind of activity simulates the assessment day, in terms of moving from one skill to another and performing in a variety of keys.  An example of what the student might draw from the decks:

DECK #1:                                                                                                          DECK #2:

Major                                             Scale, HS 2 Octaves


4 thoughts on “Preparation for Assessments: Technical Requirements

  1. Amy, I always enjoy your creative ideas! I agree that the element of chance is fun and effective. It reveals strengths and weaknesses and keeps students on their toes.

  2. Great idea! My students and I do this with polyhedral dice. A number is assigned to each key and technical exercise. We roll one die for the key and another for the exercise.

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