Sight-reading from the Beginning: Mix Up Cards

At the New School, we offer a program called The Piano Detectives Club for our kindergarten students.  Developed by New School alum, Janet Johnson of the Music Clubhouse, The Piano Detectives Club offers a unique combination of private lessons, group class, and a dose of fun!  

In this video you will see how our five year old students are introduced to sight-reading from the very beginning.  They have learned how to find CDE on the piano.  Now they are reading cards that have these kids mixed up in a variety of patterns, EDC, DED, CED, etc.  Already they are learning to connect the pattern on the page with a pattern on the keyboard.
Since many of these students do not yet read words, we find they sometimes have difficulty reading from left to right.  If we find a student struggling with this, we simply put a colorful sticker on the left hand side of the card and ask them to start closest to the sticker.
As Frances Clark said, students who enjoy music for life are the ones who learn to read by sight.

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