There’s Music in Every Child

“There’s music in every child:”   This declaration is found in our New School promotional literature, and something Frances Clark must have said quite a bit.   Pretty words, easily processed and filed for future reference.  But take a moment to consider what that phrase means to you.

“There’s music in every child.”  What does that mean for the New School for Music Study?  Though we interview our students prior to study, it is not to determine if they are “talented” enough for piano study, or accomplished enough.


“There’s music in every child.”  How will this philosophy shape  We are committed to sharing materials to aid teachers to do what they love even better:

  • Weekly quotes, posted each Monday, designed to remind us of what we know, or look at our teaching in a new light.
  • Teaching videos to illustrate the quote of the week, as well as effective presentation of new repertoire, coaching review pieces, and group teaching strategies.
  • Blog posts by our faculty and friends of the New School posted regularly.
  • Repertoire:  ideas for teaching repertoire, often illustrated through video.
  • Technology tips 

Emerging:  a New School alumni page and teaching aids.  If our readers have received teacher-training at the New School for Music Study, please email aglennon@nsmspiano and let us know what you are doing now!  Question of the week:  please email us your questions and our faculty will collaborate to post our answers.


THIS WEEK:  Marvin Blickenstaff will expound on his “rules of thumb” for musical shaping, Todd Van Kekerix will give us technology tips, performances of repertoire with extra-musical inspiration, the history of the New School, and more.

“There’s music in every child.  Is the teacher’s job to bring it out.”  What do Frances Clark’s words mean to you?



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