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Nothing More Than to Learn: Creating the Environment

October 31, 2013

What comes to mind when you read this quote?  Do you begin to form a list of ways that you, as a teacher, can create this environment?  Do you feel uncertain as to whether or not you are achieving this ideal? Perhaps you are not uncertain… you feel that you’ve achieved this magical teaching environment.


Can we easily identify the components of an ideal teaching environment?  It might be useful to imagine ourselves as our own students.  Here, it is difficult to avoid some clichés:  see things through there eyes, walk in their shoes.  Also, we might  remember lessons that we, ourselves, have had that were particularly engaging and joyful.


This is where I would like your help:  Will you write in “comments” section your thoughts about either or both of these questions:


1)  What goes into creating a situation in which the student wants “nothing more than to learn?”


2)  Describe your own piano study:  What are the characteristics of the teachers or lessons that you’ve personally had that made you want nothing more than to be with that teacher?


I look forward to seeing your ideas!

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February 13, 2018

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